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Divorce Lawyers in Columbia SC

The following information is designed to provide general information, not necessarily information pertaining to your particular circumstance. To discuss your particular circumstance and obtain legal advice, be sure to contact an experienced divorce attorney in your state.

When you and your spouse are contemplating divorce, it’s important to take the time to make yourself aware of the process involved and your legal rights. Whether or not you decide that divorce is necessary, it’s important to understand that there are less expensive and less time consuming options than just battling it out in divorce court. We are your source for the Best Divorce Lawyers in Columbia SC.

Divorce also referred to as the dissolution of marriage, is the termination of a marital union which can be extremely stressful affecting the finances, living arrangements and if children are involved, their future care, custody and child support. Alimony (spousal support), distribution of property, assets and debt are issues that normally must be sanctioned by a court or other authority in a legal process.

In general, a divorce is granted if the couple have irreconcilable differences or if one spouse states that the marriage has broken down beyond repair. This would be considered a no-fault divorce as opposed to a fault divorce where one spouse alleges a martial wrong such as adultery or abuse. Some states require a declaration of fault on the part of one partner or both but in some no fault divorces are available. An experienced family law attorney can help you determine how to proceed with a divorce in your state or whether other options may be more beneficial. Contact one of the preeminent divorce lawyers in Columbia, SC.

Alternatives to divorce court include collaborative divorce, arbitration and mediation.

·       Collaborative divorce requires a commitment by both parties to resolve disputes by compromise and negotiation. If at some point, either side decides that going to court would be a better solution, both attorneys would be disqualified and the spouses would need to acquire new representation.

·        Arbitration is actually very similar to going to court but without the judge and the full brunt of the expense of court proceedings. Each spouse will still retain an attorney to represent their interests but the parties agree to use an arbitrator. This option is normally quicker and less expensive.

·        Mediation is less stressful for couples deciding to divorce and can be the best process when children are involved. In this scenario, the couple works with a mediator to negotiate an agreement on issues whether they may be at odds.

Whether deciding to use one of the above options or actually going to court, before a divorce can be finalized the below issues will normally need to be resolved.

·        Asset and debt division including the distribution of property

·        Spousal support (also referred to as Alimony) is financial support that one spouse pays to the other. The ability of each spouse to earn a living and the length of the marriage are often considerations.

·        Child custody and support

·        Visitation for the parent not receiving custody

If these issues can be resolved, then the divorce is referred to as “uncontested” but if a mutual agreement cannot be reached then it’s known as a contested divorce and a trial, arbitration or mediation may be required.

Speak to an experienced divorce lawyer in Columbia SC.

If there is ever a time you need strong experienced representation, it’s when issues arise in the areas of child custody, child support, property division and alimony. You’ll need a sophisticated attorney who has a track record of aggressive advocacy and client commitment and who knows the system inside and out.

Call us. You deserve one of the Best Divorce Lawyers in Columbia SC. Our lead attorneys are dedicated to providing you with the legal counsel you’ll need to make this transitional period go as smoothly as possible. If you are searching for a divorce attorney in Atlanta that will protect your rights and interests, is solution-oriented with a focus on integrity, contact our lawyer right away.
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